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Allan Rich’s testimony:  Torn-off from the devil’s claws

Drugs, alcohol, burglaries, traffics, runaway, delinquency, divination, third eye opening, black magic, witchcraft, 
casting spells, psychiatry, suicide attempt, Near Death Experience (NDE) etc. was my fate before my life changed

After his mother's death and abandoned by his father, Allan was placed in an institution until he was 19 years old.

He will get into drugs, traffics, burglaries and started to dabble with white magic.

His encounter with the powers of darkness will lead him into witchcraft and deep black magic. After a suicide attempt and a Near Death Experience (NDE) he ended up in a mental institution. After trying to be a better man through yoga and meditation, and unable to fill his emptiness, God rescued him, six months before his announced death.

This brochure is the story of his journey.

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Torn-off from the devil’s claws

Author : Allan Rich

-30 pages- Format : 10 x 14 cm

Second edition

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