This page is the presentation of Pastor Moussa Kone ministry “la bonne voie” in Yvory Coast

Son of imam who is now Pastor. He is the founder of the “la bonne voie” ministry which he lead with his spouse Mai

Vision of the ministry:

1- Evangelize muslims

2- Teaching on how to evangelize muslims

3- Win to Christ those who are weary and burdened.

4- Establish churches particularly in north of Ivory Coast.

The “la bonne voie” ministry is training though seminaries in many nations as well as in Bingerville (Ivory Coast) in the teaching center for evangelization of non-reached populations.

Shalom dear brothers and sisters, thank you so much for your prayers.

I have as always prayer requests to present you. We have just finished a seminary for the glory of Jesus Christ.

The speakers were:

Saïd Oujibou,(France)

Koné Moussa.(Ivory Coast)

Jean-Paul Béssala (Cameroun)

God manifested Himself for His Glory. Now I would like to ask you to support us for a new 10 days mission in north of Ivory Coast where I have to lead an evangelization team in villages around Boundiali.

Our needs:

1-May the souls wan stay with the Lord and God protect the missionary team.

2-Clothe (man, woman, kids all ages).

3-Medicine (against fever, pain, wounds etc.).

4-Money: We need around 400.000 fr cfra. (600 Euros).

5-May my first European tour in 2010 goes well. (I go few days after coming back from north of the country) Depart on the 21th of April, return in Ivory Coast on the 21th of June 2010.

6-Protection from the Lord on my family, my church, myself and my country. (The country is not in peace yet).

 Thank you for your prayers, may God richly bless you. shalom.


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