Solomon’s Porch

(International Salvation, Healing and Deliverance Christian Center)

Deliverance Seminars


This page is the presentation of the Sharing-Center Ministries (also named Allan Rich Ministries) Deliverance Seminars at the Solomon’s Porch. To see the presentation of the Solomon’s Porch click here

The calendar of the activities of the Solomon’s Porch will be published as soon as the construction work will be finished.

Thank you so much for your donation. It will be use to help the poor who needs salvation, healing

and deliverance, and go to missions for spiritual, social and humanitarian help in poor countries.

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June 2013 Deliverance Seminar in English (playlist in 5 parts) :

Program in ENGLISH:

Next one to be programmed - Call us

Most of the people who come to the seminars are French speaking but I can organize some in English as long as there will be enough English speaking people at the same time. So please contact me if you want to come to an English speaking seminar and propose me a date. Be blessed

July 2014 Deliverance Seminar in English (playlist in 3 parts) :