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256 Words of God to confess to maintain your victory


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From the same Author: “Torn-off from the devil claws”

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Author: Allan Rich - 11x17cm - 30 pages


Your book on the “256 words of God” is great. It makes me aware of who I am and helps me to do great things for the Lord and to take the victory over the enemy. Great job!

Here's how I would summarize these "256 words to confess": Awareness of our spiritual heritage.

Making the Word of God mine, quoting Bible verses regularly, brings me near the source of life: Jesus Christ alone [John 11:25; 14.6].

The "256 Words of God to confess" from preacher Allan Rich helped me to understand my spiritual heritage. Today, I testify to you of the absolute necessity of studying and reading the Bible regularly. The grace of our almighty God is fulfilled in all our human weaknesses, so that every mouth confess the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Hi Allan

Your book (256 words of God to confess) is a blessing from heaven. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU BRING THE WORLD TO THANK GOD FOR YOU. ALLELUA! Jxxxxxxxxx


Thank you for your book. I am very proud of you, your work on "256 words of God ..." is excellent. It's pro, useful and innovative, congratulations!

Having to endure various demonic attacks I bought the book by Allan Rich, "256 words of God." One night I decided to read it in full, without any interruption.

At first it was quite pleasant and refreshing for my soul. When I got to the quarter an incredible fatigue overcame me. I thought it would past, but I felt so heavy that the words were hard to get out of my mouth. I took courage and I swore that I would go through.

Through perseverance, I felt that something very heavy came out of me and I didn’t have all the anxieties I had before.

I also have much less nightmares. Now I can pray out loud, which was impossible before because I felt there was a wall in me preventing me to pray. Now I can lift my hands to the sky to praise God! It's wonderful!

I was like "spiritually dead", enclosed in a prison. And through this experience the wall is broken! Glory to God and His living Word!  Thank you Allan

I’m reading your book intensively for 3 months now. Since then my life has changed, I feel serene, calm, I have gained great confidence in my life and in the future.

Since I apply the words of God Booklet from Allan Rich, I discern what is right and wrong. I do not feel anger and grief that I felt since the death of my mother, God healed me from all my suffering.

I had never felt so happy, yes I finally feel happy. At first it is surprising, not being accustomed to this feeling, I am happy, calm, serene, radiant, confident and strong. Thank you very much Allan Rich making every effort to guide us and bless us.

I am delighted with the book 256 Words of God to confess. This is one of the easiest and practical book I read and I can use it any time of day.

At any page that I open, there's always a good word for me. I give thanks to Jesus Christ for this good book.

Big thank you ♥

Dear Allan,

This is a praise report. I wanted to let you know that most of xxxxx's dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts are under control indicating your prayers and her recital of the 256 words of God have been successful. Thank you and God Bless